IoT and M2M

PEGASAT also provides Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for various vertical markets that delivering actionable business intelligence and enabling our clients to make better informed business decisions that increase efficiencies, lower costs, and enhance their competitive advantage. IoT solutions can make virtually any device or machine interconnected with another device or machine.

Entirely new services, revenue streams, profitability, cross functional relationships, insights, and processes thought not possible just a few years ago are now possible with IoT solutions. As a result, organizations are now able to remotely obtain critical data real-time and make faster and better management decisions.

Our Machine to Machine (M2M) capabilities enable organizations to gather remote data to improve their processes and operations. With M2M solutions, companies can connect equipment, sensors and other systems regardless of their location or proximity to each other.

Today, organizations can monitor information about the status and condition of their assets without the need to dispatch employees to inspect remote facilities and manage or report on these assets locally. Instead, companies can remotely manage these devices, and reduce expenses at the same time.