GPS Tracking and Vehicle Fleet Telematics — PEGASAT’s web-hosted vehicle fleet monitoring platform enables its customers to remotely monitor and manage fixed and mobile assets (e.g., vehicles, equipment, shipping containers) through a combination of GPS technology, cellular networking and/or satellite communications. Our vehicle fleet and in-camera telematics solutions provide reliable and cost-effective mobile fleet management and location-based services that deliver measurable improvements in fleet asset utilization, safety and security, and productivity.

Self-Powered Perimeter Security Systems — PEGASAT-provided Solarbeam towers provide solar, and battery powered stand-alone perimeter intruder detection – commonly designed with independent overlapping technologies that utilize IR beams or curtain perimeters, camera video verification, and SpotterRF radar. These systems are perfect for remote perimeters. Solarbeam security towers are completely wireless utilizing battery and solar power with cellular or radio reporting.

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