Market Segments

Small to Enterprise-wide Businesses

PEGASAT’s location-based services and telematics solutions enable businesses to cut costs and increase productivity. Whether companies have a fleet of 20 or 2,000 vehicles, they can dramatically improve efficiencies by effectively monitoring their fixed and mobile assets, and vehicles.


Multiple job-sites, off site repairs, and heavy-duty use add a level of complexity to managing diverse and specialized fleets of machinery and vehicles. PEGASAT offers easy-to-use and robust reporting tools along with optional system applications that address the specific needs of companies engaged in agricultural production. Along with our partners, we can develop and implement unique add-on modules to help manage fleets from tractors to specialized heavy equipment.

Field Service

With PEGASAT you get the total visibility into real-time daily vehicle departure times, confirmed deliveries, and can also monitor fuel use and determine idle costs. You also have the ability to create flexible reports showing real-time vehicle locations, how they are used, when they are maintained. In addition, you can be notified when instances of aggressive driving and speeding occur. Optional system modules are available for task validation, driver alerts and live communication directly with drivers.


Managing construction equipment and vehicle fleets has its own unique challenges. PEGASAT’s fleet management solutions has the advantage in that it can accommodate different kinds of ancillary sensors and telematics units. These devices can be attached to fixed and mobile assets to allow remote monitoring of the operation of construction equipment and vehicles.


Today businesses are more dependent on transportation and logistics than ever before. Monitoring mobile assets and communicating with drivers in remote locations has become a critical cost-saving measure for local governments, business fleets, utilities and public safety agencies. Whether you have a fleet of 20 or 2,000 vehicles, PEGASAT can help you improve performance by letting you where your vehicles are in real-time, helping you track how they’re used and allowing you to communicate directly with your mobile workforce in the field.


PEGASAT-supplied software platform components can be combined with different types of ancillary and supplementary sensors and telematics devices to allow the remote monitoring of specialized equipment, portable machinery, containers and electronic systems. PEGASAT tracking and telematics solutions are ideally designed for monitoring the vehicles, machinery and other kinds of equipment used by utility companies, and for helping keep their remote workers safe.

Federal, State & Local Government

PEGASAT helps municipal and state government organizations meet their diverse fleet tracking and management requirements by providing a complete, real-time view of vehicles and mobile resources. With our solutions, fleet managers can lower costs by managing vehicle idle time, streamlining vehicle maintenance and managing driver behavior.

Public Works

We provide public works departments end-to-end solutions to help them manage mobile resources, protect valuable assets across departments, cut costs and improve overall efficiency. Public safety agencies need the type of solutions that PEGASAT provides such as: enhanced fleet management and dispatch capabilities, communications between command-and-control and on-the-scene field officers; and real-time access to local, state, and national public safety databases while on patrol.

Regulatory Compliance

PEGASAT’s fleet management solutions enable agencies to fully comply with the challenges related to complying with executive orders, and with unique, but similar Federal agency-wide mandates. For example, Executive Order 13693: Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade, with respect to GPS tracking and fleet telematics, mandates as part of this Order, that any agency with a fleet of at least 20 vehicles must:

  • Limit “unnecessary or non-essential vehicles from the agency’s fleet inventory”;
  • Reduce “fleet-wide per-mile greenhouse gas emissions”;
  • Acquire “fleet operational data through deployment of vehicle telematics at a vehicle asset level”; and
  • Ensure “agency annual asset-level fleet data is properly and accurately accounted for”- Planning “zero emission vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles and opportunities.”

PEGASAT’s fleet management solutions can be used to satisfy all these requirements and more. With minimum disruption and cost to the affected agencies that need to comply.

Perimeter Security 

For all government organizations, PEGASAT offers the complete line of Solarbeam™ perimeter security systems. These systems maintain an infrared beam fence around a property or facility to provide immediate notification of an intruder.  The same systems can also be outfitted with camera and building alarm systems—the same security philosophy used for airports, correctional facilities, power generation plants, and other critical infrastructure applications. 

Solarbeam’s self-powered, wireless perimeter security offerings have been reviewed by the TSA Safe Skies program for use in airports and high security applications, and has been approved for use by DOE at Idaho National Labs–-meeting some of most demanding physical perimeter security requirements for Government applications.