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Fleet Management

Web-Based Fleet Management

PEGASAT’s fleet management platform provides you with valuable insight into your assets and workforce giving you the ability to make critical operational decisions with actionable real-time and historical data. The system consists of an operation management software, digital mapping applications, vehicle tracking and mobile data communication systems functioning in a fully integrated manner.

Our innovative web-based fleet management system empowers users to make actionable business decisions. PEGASAT’s management tool offering allows you to manage your tracking service by means of system macro objects, which are accounts, billing plans, users, units, retranslators, and other items.

Capabilities include the ability to:

  • Detect unit position and watch its movement on map in real time.
  • Observe dynamic change of various unit parameters such as speed, fuel level, temperature, voltage, etc.
  • Manage units (send commands and messages, assign jobs and routes, adjust notifications, etc.) and drivers (phone calls, SMS, registering work shifts, associate with group or vehicle, etc.)
  • Interpret information derived from a unit through different kinds of reports (tables, charts, movement tracks, event markers, complete statistics, etc.) and more.
  • Present tracking results on a computer screen or export them to files in different formats.

Examples of ways our fleet management tools may be used:

  • Managing Multiple Projects - Multiple projects, off site locations, and constantly changing duty use add a level of complexity to managing specialized fleets. PEGASAT offers trouble-free service and powerful report-building tools for a wide range of applications, and even the most sophisticated projects. In conjunction with our reliable industry partners we develop add-on modules to manage fleets ranging from passenger vehicles to tractor trailers to specialized heavy equipment.
  • Transport & Logistics - PEGASAT allows the development of apps based on its SDK module, and offers integrations with third party solutions and various billing systems. We are proud of our compatibility with many AVL trackers, thus enabling us to become a professional M2M resource for driver behavior monitoring, driver dispatching and other fleet tracking activities.
  • Field Service - With PEGASAT’s monitoring software solution you have total visibility of real-time daily vehicle departure times, confirmed deliveries, and fuel use and idle time. You get complete reports showing vehicle locations, how they are used and maintained, and can be notified in case of aggressive driving and speeding.
  • Fleet Analytics - Some specialized fleets have specific challenges that make it more difficult to manage them. With an enhanced level of scalability, PEGASAT delivers analytics for fleets in all climates, environments and with varying levels of accessibility. Our software provides essential data with several comprehensive reporting options and formats.
  • Monitoring Fixed and Mobile Assets - When it comes to fixed and mobile assets, PEGASAT’s solution can be integrated with different kinds of supplementary sensors and telematics devices, which allow remote monitoring of construction equipment, portable machinery, containers and electronic equipment in an easy and manageable manner. Our software solution is designed for monitoring the machinery and other equipment as well as people and vehicles.