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PEGASAT provides a wide range of hardware and software options to allow you to obtain vital real-time information about the status of your vehicles and other assets. We also offer a compelling suite of state-of-the-art battery and solar-powered perimeter security solutions.

Get valuable insight about your fleets, important assets and workforce and make critical business decisions with actionable real-time and historical data. PEGASAT’S fleet management platform maximizes your operational efficiency by reducing key metrics like, off-hours driving, payroll and paid overtime, idle time, and much more.

Fleet Management

PEGASAT’s innovative web-based fleet management tool provides up-to-date, necessary KPIs regardless of fleet size and the location from which you access the platform. Our telematics system can help you monitor fuel consumption, plan delivery routes, and analyze driving behavior—reducing costs and emissions, and increasing productivity.

Driving Behavior

Monitor driving habits and the safety of your vehicles with PEGASAT’s GPS tracking platform. Ensure your drivers are driving efficiently and responsibly. Monitor expenses incurred over time through the maintenance of corporate fleets can be high, and the driving behavior of delivery vehicles to ensure cargo safety.

Personal Tracking

Keeping track of remote workers is not only important for their safety, but also for optimally managing their activities. PEGASAT’s GPS tracking solutions give you total visibility of your whole fleet and help manage your resources effectively.

Asset Monitoring

Keeping tabs on mobile and fixed assets provides logistical and security issues for many companies. Entrusting the hard work of metrics collection, data processing and accident reporting to PEGASAT affords you more time to concentrate on other business operations.
Variable Message Indicators

Remotely control, monitor and change information on signs in remote locations at will. PEGASAT’s M2M VMS cellular modem solutions can also provide innovative two-way communication options for optical character recognition.

Cold Chain Management

Where unexpected changes of key parameters can suppress a range of processes cold chain management and temperature control is a major concern in many industries. PEGASAT’s software platform, when connected to appropriate sensors, allow users to receive alerts both through the system and SMS.

Physical Theft

In places where theft of vehicles and other assets are a concern, PEGASAT’s monitoring software has been designed to be compatible with hundreds of different hardware manufacturers. You can purchase our software separately (using your own hardware), or buy a bundled hardware/software solution from us featuring CalAmp GPS and telematics devices.

Perimeter Security

Our Solarbeam™ wireless perimeter security system offerings maintain an infrared beam fence around a property or facility to provide immediate notification of an intruder. The same systems can also be outfitted with camera and building alarm systems—the same security philosophy used for airports, correctional facilities, power generation plants, and other critical infrastructure applications.

Public Safety

PEGASAT’s software supports several projects in state sector developed for emergency response teams such as ambulance, police, fire departments and related command centers. Our system includes fully integrated operation management software, digital mapping applications, vehicle tracking and mobile data communication systems.