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Multiple job-sites, off-site repairs and heavy-duty machinery add a level of complexity to managing specialized equipment and fleets. PEGASAT offers highly reliable service, powerful reporting tools and system applications to support companies engaged in agriculture. In conjunction with our partners we develop add-on modules to manage fleets from tractors to specialized heavy equipment.


Managing construction equipment and vehicle fleets has its own set of challenges. PEGASAT’s fleet management solutions can accommodate different kinds of ancillary sensors and telematics units. These devices can be attached to fixed and mobile assets to allow remote monitoring of the operation of construction equipment and vehicles. With an enhanced level of scalability, we can provide analytics for fleets in all climates, environments and levels of accessibility.

Federal Government

Executive Order 13693: Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade, with respect to GPS tracking and fleet telematics, mandates as part of this Order, that any agency with a fleet of at least 20 vehicles must:

  • Limit “unnecessary or non-essential vehicles from the agency’s fleet inventory”
  • Reduce “fleet-wide per-mile greenhouse gas emissions”
  • Acquire “fleet operational data through deployment of vehicle telematics at a vehicle asset level”
  • Ensure “agency annual asset-level fleet data is properly and accurately accounted for”
  • Planning “zero emission vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles and opportunities”

PEGASAT’s fleet management solutions enable agencies to meet the related challenges and fully comply with this executive order, and with similar individual agency-wide mandates.

Field Service

Managers need total visibility into real-time daily vehicle departure times and delivery status. PEGASAT can provide this information and monitor driver behavior and monitor fuel use and idle costs. We provide detailed and customizable reports showing vehicle location in real-time, for historical reporting purposes, and optional system modules to enable real-time communications with drivers.

State & Local Government

Public works departments need technology partners to deliver a single, integrated solution to help them manage resources, protect valuable assets across departments, cut costs and improve overall efficiency. Public safety agencies need the type of solutions that PEGASAT provides including: enhanced fleet management and dispatch capabilities, communications between command-and-control and on-the-scene field officers, and real-time access to local, state, and national public safety databases while on patrol.

Transport & Logistics

Our fleet management platform is compatible with a wide range of AVL trackers, and delivers a professional B2B solution for fleet telematics, driver behavior monitoring, driver dispatching and various fleet tracking activities. It also allows the development of apps based on its SDK module, and offers integration with third party solutions and various billing systems.


PEGASAT’s software components can be combined with different kinds of ancillary sensors and telematics devices, and can be attached to fixed and mobile assets allowing remote monitoring of vehicles, portable machinery, containers and electronic equipment in a straightforward and manageable solution. Our tracking and telematics solutions are ideal for monitoring machinery, other types of equipment, as well as people and vehicles. Keeping track of all these assets solves logistical and security issues for any utility company, and increases the ability to manage resources efficiently.