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HUMANGEAR®: Innovative Outdoor, Travel and Personal Care Accessories

Since 2007, humangear has designed innovative outdoor, travel and personal care accessories. They make simple, civilized, carefully considered, highly creative and delightful products.

  • GoToob: A civilized, smart, squeezable tube for traveling, outdoors, and more.
  • GoTubb: Features an ingenious design that allows you to open and close it with only one hand. Just squeeze the sides and the lid is released. To close, simply press back on. For everything that you can't squeeze out of a GoToob, there's GoTubb.
  • GoTote: A travel tote organizer designed around a lightweight internal frame that holds the bag open and materials that help keep it upright, so it's simple to pack and unpack. Three sizes offer maximum versatility--the small size is perfect for a few toiletries, while the large size will easily hold a tablet and a bulky pair of headphones.
  • GoBites: A range of civilized eating utensils for people on the go. The GoBites product line took over two years to develop, but we think they were worth the wait! Humangear has created eating tools that many different types of people can use in many different situations, and the products are simple, extremely durable, and a joy to use.
  • GoCup: An innovative collapsing travel cup; watertight, hygienic, easy-to-clean, and super-packable. Say goodbye to your grandpa's leaky, multi-ring, telescoping travel cup. GoCup is made from FDA food-grade silicone to create a one-piece cup that is 100% watertight.
  • capCAP: The civilized 2-in-1 accessory cap for Nalgene, CamelBak, and other popular wide-mouth drink bottles.
    Most wide-mouth bottles are easy to fill and clean, but the standard opening is too big to drink from easily without spilling. Narrow-mouth bottles are great to drink from but you can forget about putting ice cubes in them, let alone cleaning them. And bottle inserts don't really fix a spout that was never meant for daily drinking. CapCap solves these problems.
For more information about humangear travel accessories and travel tips on how to pack your toiletries, please check out these YouTube videos:
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Humangear GoBites Humangear GoBites

Civilized eating utensils.

Price: $3.99
Humangear capCAP Humangear capCAP

Cap attachment for wide-mouth water bottles. Convenience of a wide-mouth bottle, drinking comfort of a small cap.

Price: $5.99
Humangear GoToob Humangear GoToob

The civilized, squeezable travel tube.

Price: $6.99
Humangear GoTubb Humangear GoTubb

Small item carrying case which has a lid that releases with one hand.

Price: $6.99
treat_toob Paww Treat Toob

Made of soft yet rugged food-grade silicone, TreatToob dispenses virtually any squeeze-able treat.

Price: $11.00