Zinger 3000 Drain-Thru Crate Flooring (Crate Accessory)
Zinger Drain-Thru Crate Flooring

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Price: $69.99

Style Number: DTF3000

Zinger's heavy duty "Drain Thru" mats raise your dog up off the crate floor to keep him/her from sitting in a pool of water or it's own accidents. Its open design allows liquid to pass thru to the crate pan so your dog is kept high and dry off the kennel floor. Also improves air flow beneath your dog to improve drying times.

Fits the Zinger 3000 Crate.

Made from a rigid rubber compound its 3/4" thickness means that dogs will have a hard time bending and chewing this mat. Bleach can be used on the mat to clean and sterilize.