Tractive MOTION Pet Activity Tracker
Tractive MOTION Pet Activity Tracker

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Price: $49.00

Style Number: TRAPB1

Tractive MOTION is a very small and light activity tracking device that works with free Apps for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone. You can use MOTION to get detailed statistics about your pet's activity and set daily goals! You can also monitor your pet's progress towards its daily goal and be informed when your pet is far away from reaching it. Of course, you also get notified when the goal is reached.

Tractive MOTION tracks your pet's activity 24 hours a day. Simply attach the device to your pet's collar and get the data directly on your smartphone to get detailed information about the time your pet is lazy, moderately active or high active. You can also use the device and app to gain insights into your pet's average monthly activity and compare it's monthly activities from month-to-month. W ith Tractive MOTION's Temperature & Daylight features you will also be able to understand the correlations between your pet's activity and external influences like temperature or daylight.
Technical Specs
Motion Detection Sensor
The motion detection sensor tracks the movements of your pet.

Temperature Sensor
The ambient temperature is measured to detect connections between your pets activity and external influences.

Tractive MOTION also recognizes acceleration of the pet.

Brightness Sensor
Sunbeams and light not only influence humans. Find out how your pets activity varies depending on this factor.