PEGASAT specializes in providing turn-key GPS Tracking and M2M wireless communications solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our real-time technologies provide the solutions to wireless move data, in a cost-effective and reliable manner, enabling greater efficiency in the management of business and mission-critical data. Our systems deliver critical real-time information to administrative staff about the status of remote workers and fleet vehicles, and help our clients reduce operating costs, increase efficiencies and maintain regulatory compliance.

PEGASAT's GPS tracking and telematics solutions provide vital information to administrative and operational staff about remote workers and fleet vehicles. Our products and services help increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, increase profits, and help keep you in regulatory compliance. We also deliver valuable insight about your assets and workforce allowing you to make critical business decisions with actionable real-time and historical data. Let us help you maximize your operational efficiency by reducing important metrics like, off-hours driving, payroll and paid overtime, idle time...and much more.

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