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Style Number: BSIF1


Powered by Chipolo, this Bluetooth-enabled tag easily attaches to your valuable items. You can attach it to virtually anything - your laptop, wallet, keys, bike, even your children and pets!

With the free Chipolo app, you can locate any lost or misplaced item in seconds by ringing your missing keys, using Chipolo's Range Meter or via Chipolo Network GPS. The Chipolo app will automatically update the location of your lost Chipolo if another Network user happens to be within range. But don't worry - the location of your Chipolo is always updated securely and anonymously in the background. With the Chipolo Network you can share access to your Chipolo with your family and friends.

Whenever you’re searching for belongings you lost, just use the Chipolo app and it will help you find it. It’s that simple. The Chipolo app is available for free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.1 devices with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The app includes a Range Meter to show you the distance to your lost item in a range of 60 meters (200 feet).

Shake Chipolo and find your phone. If you misplaced your smartphone, just shake your Chipolo, and your phone will buzz to tell you where you left it. Even if it's in silent mode!

You can create a separate "name" for every Chipolo you own. So if you have the one attached to your keys, for example, you can name that device "keys". If you place another Chipolo in your handbag, you can name that one "handbag", etc. This makes keeping track of multiple Chipolos easy. And you can see all your Chipolos on a full screen map, whether they're In or Out of range, with your smartphone.

You can also set up Quiet Zones. The Chipolo app knows where your device is and it also tracks the location of your phone. So if you're at home the Quiet Zone feature will make sure that you're not bothered with false notifications. You can set as many Quiet Zones as you like, and even name them.

With the Chipolo Network you can track the same Chipolo on two phones at the same time. For example, if you share your car keys with your spouse you can attach one to your car keys and share it with your wife through the Chipolo app.

If one of your Chipolos goes missing, the Network can help you figure out where it is. Just sign in at or use the app to see your missing device on a map. And when another Chipolo user walks by your lost item, you will be updated with the item's latest location. You can even see all your shared Chipolos on a map anywhere, anytime.


You can easily attach a Chipolo to your children's backpacks or place them in their clothes—no more lost winter coats! The Chipolo can be used to help monitor your child's whereabouts or to locate favorite (and possibly valuable) items that your child may be prone to misplace.

Everyone has experienced a sense of panic when a child disappears from view. With your Chipolo you have a virtual boundary or geo-fence that surrounds and moves with your child! With the free app, your Chipolo will immediately alert you if your child wanders more than 200 feet from you and your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Family members, teachers, care givers, or law enforcement can be notified and react quickly to retrieve the child before any harm occurs. And—if your child is also wearing one of PEGASAT’s GPS tracking devices, you can use our location-based services to determine your child’s
location outside Bluetooth range—in real-time.


Chipolos are great for finding cats who likes to hide around the house or yard—or for walking dogs with the virtual boundary or geo-fence that surrounds and moves as you do! With the free Chipolo app, your Chipolo will alert you if your pet strays more than 200 feet from you and your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. And—if your pet is wearing one of our GPS tracking devices, in addition to one of our Chipolos, you can use GPS to determine your pet’s location whenever it roams outside the Bluetooth range— and track it to its current location before it gets lost or comes to harm! See our Access For pouches you can place Chipolos in to protect them from the elements and attach to a matching collar


PEGASAT has partnered with Paww to help make wearing our GPS tracking devices and Chipolo Smart Item Finders as comfortable and useful as possible for your pets. Paww is a brand new, design-focused pet products company driven to make smart gear for pets and their humans. We also offer a water resistant pouch in which you can place your smart item finder to protect it from the elements.